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2003 Schedule

Below is next years schedule:

Wins: 0, Losses: 0, Ties: 0


(UM - OPP)
8/28/2003 @ Maine (Orono) TBA
9/6/2003 North Dakota State 1:05 PM
9/13/2003 Sam Houston State 1:05 PM
9/20/2003 OPEN
9/27/2003 Idaho 1:05 PM
10/4/2003 Cal Poly (Homecoming) 1:05 PM
10/11/2003 Weber State * 1:05 PM
10/18/2003 @ Idaho State * TBA
10/25/2003 Portland State * 1:05 PM
11/1/2003 @ Northern Arizona * TBA
11/8/2003 @ Sacramento State * TBA
11/15/2003 Eastern Washington * 12:05 PM
11/22/2003 @ Montana State * 12:05 PM


Home games in bold
Times subject to change
* Indicates Big Sky Conference game
# Indicates Playoff game
Our friends at GSU will not be playing 13 games..... again. They sit out the week before the playoffs every year. They don’t have a rival game. I would rather have our schedule ending with the team out east. Start the streak again. Happy we now have a coach who likes the idea of a streak.
I'm at a loss as to why they would schedule that :eek: I know this is a stupid question, but I've tried to find out and can't... Who the hell are North Dakota State? Are they Div II? Div III??? Why the hell are we playing them???

As for Idaho...what is the point? Why play a completely shyte 1-A team?

I'm reasonably happy with Maine. They are from a fairly strong 1-AA conference and got beaten by GSU in the quarters this year. They are only losing 7 seniors so they should still be strong.

Sam Houston... 2nd last in the Southland conference this year with an overall record of 4-7. I'd rather play a team from the Southern conference... GSU, Furman, Appa St etc... That would be a better guide as to how we are going.

Cal Poly... To be expected really.

As for the open weekend, lets play Washington, Washington State, Marshall or Wyoming. I know thats a game we'd be hard pressed to win, but damn... If we are going to be as good as we all hope next year, then we need to play someone to test us.

Who decided the draw?

North Dakota State is just moving up to Division 1AA from Division II. They are actually trying to get into the Big Sky conference.

Sam Houston has been scheduled for a while. When they scheduled them, it was after a season where they made it to the playoffs and lost to us.

Hogan is the one doing the scheduling.
This is a great schedule. Our thanks should go out to Wayne Hogan for making these arrangements.

Idaho is one of our longest and most bitter rivalries. This was Naseby Reinhart's Super Bowl. He wanted a win over the Vandals more than a win over the cats. It's the Little Brown Stein. They are a poor Div 1-A team but don't kid yourself. We've been fortunate to come out on top the last three times we've played them. Idaho would be a perrenial contender in Div 1-AA. They don't belong in Div 1-A.

Maine has recently been highly ranked and successful in Div 1-AA. This is at least as good as scheduling Hofstra. I would think this must be a home-and-home.

Sam Houston had a down year but don't discount them. Their coach, Ron Randleman, has brought in a number of Div 1-A transfers each year. Last year they had two highly rated transfers at quarterback with Mario Kinsey from Kansas and one of the Huard kids from North Carolina. If I remember correctly, there were problems with both transfers and neither of them made it to Sam Houston. But, watch out if he's successful in bringing in that type of talant this year.

North Dakota State has won several Div II national championships. Until recently, they were a perrenial contender and a power at the Div II level. I think in the past they've been reluctant to make the move to Div 1-AA because their traditional rivals are all in Div II. They're making the move to Div 1-AA and trying to gain admittance into the Big Sky. I'd be willing to bet we'll take them.

Cal Poly SLO (or Cal Poly Slow) had a decent team when we played them two years ago. I haven't seen what has happened to them since. If they still have the same coach, I believe he was formerly an assistant at Arizona under Tomey and a practitioner of the "desert swarm" defense. We've played them several times in the past.
I agree!! Our 2003 schedule is very sound. We won't be playing any Division II teams and that in itself is great. I like it a lot. Maine is a long travel but I will be there with maroon on! :wink:
Hmmmm... I'm just a bit one-eyed and beleive we could give some 'better' 1-A teams a good run for their money. As for Washington or Washington State... I just want to see how we'd go... I wouldn't expect a win with that.

I guess you could call me a dreamer, but on any given day, any team can win a game.

Guppy (shark) Beea (fosters).. Thats for you Danial. I'm with ya. I would like to see how the Griz match up with a Wazzu or Boise State or UCLA type team. There are pro's and con's of matchups like this but as a fan I would like to see how the Griz would fair. I think on a good day we could take a lot of 1-A teams, and definatly put up a good fight.
Specially with the talent we'll have at QB, regardless of who the QB is!

Jah, didn't you say you had a meal with Disney? Maybe expunge on that a bit more, don't remember much of what you said except for what a nice guy/class act he is.
Without "having dinner and telling" I think I can divulge (sp?) that he is a very hard worker and commited to football. That is about all I can say as I don't want him reading this and saying "That bastard went right to the message board and told all". I don't want to loose getting these little inside tracks by blabbing too much. I guess GGG already knows this, but that is why I keep most of my so called "inside info" under wraps.
Anyway...Before the coaching change I thought Disney would have had a big edge on Ochs because he already knew the offense. Now that we will have an entirely new offense they should be pretty even coming into the season. I'm a little biased toward Disney at this point, and I think it will be a battle. It is too bad they are both transfers and only have 2 years left each. I wish one was a frosh. When they become seniors I will hate seeing one of them on the bench most of the time. I guess we'll see how they do, maybe they will have different ability for different aspects of offence and we can use them both. I'll cut it short. We are going to be good at QB the next two years.
Just a little personal story to tell..........I live in Boise and this fall Boise State's head coach Dan Hawkins was a speaker at a luncheon I attended. He spoke for awhile and then opened it up for questions. Being the loyal Griz fan that I am, I asked him if he would consider playing Montana in the future. In a very nice and diplomatic way, he pretty much said NO WAY! The reasoning being that at this point they have no interest in scheduling 1-AA teams because of all the obvious reasons. Money,strength of schedule,etc.etc.
JahGriz said:
I would like to see how the Griz match up with a Wazzu or Boise State or UCLA type team. There are pro's and con's of matchups like this but as a fan I would like to see how the Griz would fair. I think on a good day we could take a lot of 1-A teams, and definatly put up a good fight.

Great job by Hogan on our 2003 and 2004 scheduling. He is pursuing great "home-and-away" matches against top-quality 1-AA programs. This is the best strategy to make us (even) more competitive nationally.

The BCS formulas will make all 1-A teams avoid scheduling any/many 1-AA teams and our traditional rivalry game with Idaho will go away unfortunately.

I am looking forward to seeing Bobby Hauck's program in-action, and hope his assistants are great motivators & tactical coaches.

Proud Griz Man
I'll cast my vote as NO for playing good Div 1-A competition. Anyone who thinks we match up with good 1-A competition is fooling themselves. We can probably keep it close against average Div 1-A teams. Oregon's 5-6 team won in a close one, 35-30 over the Griz, but we had Dave Dickenson. Washington State was 3-8 in 1995 but handled our 1-AA championship team 38-21, also with Dave. We beat the 2-9 Oregon State Beavs 35-14. Then, of course, we gave the 9-3 Hawaii team a good game last year before falling 30-12 but the next weekend Nevada handled them 28-20.

IMO, it's more fun watching our Griz as the big fish in a smaller pond. Every once in a while it's fun to see how they match up against the middle level Div 1-A competition. But I don't really want to see them with a matchup that's over their heads.
I'm amazed that the tougher competition or 1-A debate still continues. Want to move up....simply think Idaho. Boise is the exception, they have drastically improved since they have left the Big Sky. And no, a road game with Boise wouldn't be pretty. We seemed to have our hands full on the road this year with EWU and PSU. Home games that come to mind MSU and DII UNC. If we were blowing out people by 40 points each game, many people might have a change of mind. We had one cornerback this year capable of covering a 1-A caliber receiver....Vernon Smith. Look what happend when he went out against McNeese...and their passing game was HORRIBLE! I vote for winning games and having a good time doing it! I would also bet the Missoula business people would also vote for Griz winning games...$$$ matters.
The Griz used to play North Dakota State all the time in the 60's and early 70's before we became 1AA. They were always tough games.

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