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2003 Championship Game Location


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Is the 2003 I-AA Championship game still going to be in Chattanooga again? I was just curious where future games are going to be held.
I may be wrong.....but I think this was the last year on the contract for Nooga and I-AA. I have heard Orlando is bidding....But my vote is for the SuperDome in New Orleans. :wink:
I have looked at the attendence of past I-AA championship games and it seems like the only time the attendence level was over 20,500 was if the game was at one of the team's home stadiums. I am curious why the championship games doesn't get higher attendences. Would it be better to have a two week period between the semi-finals and the championship to get more people to get to the game. I am sure it is hard to make travel arrangements in just a week's time period. Any thoughts about having two weeks between the semi's and the championship game?
The last couple of years there hasn't even been a week between the semis and the championship because ESPN has the game on a Friday. I think two weeks between games makes a lot more sense. You could give the players light practice the first week so they'll have time to study for and take finals, and then a full week of practice the week before so they can focus on the game. On some years Christmas would dictate the day the game is played, but if it's a weekday it would hardly matter because most people would have those days off. That's how the bowl games have always done it.
Here is a link to the championship game information. I hate to say it but a bigger attraction site might be a more of an attraction such as Orlando or Las Vegas. It might bring people there that might not have gone otherwise. Over a week of time difference from the semi's and final, I think, would be a must. How does the game's host site have a chance with this little of time or have fans get there? I think the championship game would be good to show in place of some of "Garbage I-A Bowl Games". A 6-6 team against a 7-5 team just isn't that appealing for me. These teams shouldn't be in the post season.

Get a playoff system. Look how exiciting it can be with all meaniful games. Last year the #15 team in the country won the title in I-AA.

Wasn't there a discussion about this on the escribe board a few months back? If I remember right, the only people who wanted to go to Vegas were the Big Sky teams. Everyone else wanted to go to Orlando. :(
The Big Sky Conference is getting screwed. I am aware of the reasons the NC is not played in the Northwestern part of the U.S. But how about this. There are what...14 1-AA leagues, counting the Independants as one league. So that makes the Big Sky a little over 7% of the of all leagues. I'm sure a we could factor in travel distances and individual team locations, but the point is we never get the NC in our region, but should, maybe aprox. 7% of the time. Sh*t I'll settle for 5%. And we are due.
2 worthless cents. You got it.
If anyone brings up the weather in determining where the NC is played, I'm going to poke you in the eye. :fist: Maybe it is just because I am from Montana, but football on a sloppy mud covered or frozen snow covered tundra (damn that astro turf) is what I call football. Players coming off the field covered in muck with grass and dirt molded to their face masks is one thing we should all get to see more. We sure as hell haven't seen this in a NC in the years I have watched.
I like your thinking Jah. The championship game could be routed from region to region so every four years each of the four regions gets the game. One year it might be in the South. The next in the Midwest. The next in the East. The next in the West. Each region could have bids for the game and the one with the biggest attendence pick would get the game. This would be kind of like the Super Bowl. It never is in the same location two years in a row. To get the game again, you will have to have good showing the time before.

Any thoughts?
I really like that idea Bison. And for location why not Boise? They have got a nice stadium, easy travel for Griz fans (We will be in the title game every year :D ), and it's better than Chattanooga. And make the title game prime time on CBS. Those were the days when the title game was on CBS. Oh well its all wishful thinking.
The Boise area would be great for hosting the NC game. Lived there for a while and always enjoy visiting.

However, I can't agree with playing there as long as they have the SMURF TURF. The field would kinda turn the whole game into a side show.
While it is true that there is a WHOLE conference in the west....Don't hold your breath for the Championship game to be anywhere in the West, anytime soon.

90% of 1-AA takes place on the wrong side of the Mississippi River or in the South.(Mississippi is a fun word to type!) For this reason, the title game will continue to be in the southeast. This is why I hope that NDSU and SDSU form thier own conference. It would add to the number of conferences and teams on the right side of the Mississippi river....and add hope to bringing the Title game to the West.

If not, my hope is to make the best outta a bad situation. Move the game to St. Louis......or Dallas. That will be a close as it will get to Montana for now.
It might be true. It was on the Fargo TV news that the Big Sky might wait until they know if Idaho is wanting to come back to the Big Sky. They were also concerned with the time zone issue. NDSU & SDSU are in the central time zone. This would span the Big Sky over three time zones. Northern Colorado popped up as possibility if Idaho gets in.

I hope this not true but if it is we will have to just wait and see. If you have digital internet and the Real Time player, you can watch this. Click on the 6:00 news for today and see the report. Go to about 21:00 minute mark to watch the sports. http://www.in-forum.com/wday/

Do you know of any Montana TV stations that have the local news on the internet?
That was interesting to watch your local news broadcast talking about the Big Sky. He also mentioned that the NDSU and SDSU issues were not scheduled to be talked about, just the issue of expansion not necessarily who will be asked to join.

I did notice that your sportscaster called you guys the Bi's, sorry, I just thought it was funny in a juvenile sort of way.
Just read an article on where the game will be the next few years

Chatanooga this year for sure

2004 - The choices thus far are San Antonio; Orlando and

*drumroll please*

Cedar Falls Iowa

Yes that city is correct

You remember the nice folks from UNI right??

I think some would refer to Cedar Falls as the land of the gonad punching moron, tapegate team

I bet the Griz will get a real nice reception there if the game is awarded to them huh?

Oh well - unlikely they will be in the game anyway right? :-?

Both San Antonio and Orlando would be better draws for things to do besides the game - but I guess the game would be the biggest ticket around in Cedar Falls . . .

No Vegas on the list though - bummer!
GoGriz said:
Here is an article that was in there paper before they came here last time in 2001.

Thanks GoGriz....brought back memories indeed!! Gets the ol' juices goin again for the day. Hell, I feel like goin huntin' now......

:snipersmile: :black: (closest we have to a panther)

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