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2002 Co-Championship Rings??????????


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I know this must have been covered, missed it! I was reading on I-AA board that MSU and ISU players were awarded with championship rings but not the GRIZ players, if true, can anyone tell me how the decision not to award rings was reached.
Usually the rings are bought and paid for by the Athletic Dept. but sense MSU run such a deficit in it's Ath. Dept, your HEAD COACH , JOE OBRIEN, bought rings with $$ CASH $$ for the whole kitty team - sure makes yiou wonder where he came up with the money, and why krames would go along with it, but then again Kramer is just a CO- head coach
My understanding is that it was a choice made by the school not to buy the rings. Honestly it wasnt something they were proud of and didnt feel the team deserved the ring. Now the Cats, they think they hit the lottery and were more than happy with their accomplishment. I guess after almost 20 years they lose site of reality
I can assure you that none of the Griz players were disapointed by the decision not to produce rings for last season. Coming off of a national championship, it's tough to get excited about a three way tie for the Big Sky crown.
I would bet taht the decision not to get rings was made by the players. I have no basis in fact...just pure speculation on my part...but I really can't see a coach or administrator making a decision like that.