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1AA championship game in Chattanooga for 2003

Well, I guess we'll just have to go to Chattanooga for the third time in five years! :D I don't mind going there again for a farewell trip but San Antonio or Orlando will be a welcome change for the future. I will definitely cast my veto for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, though. Is that really a place?
Cedar Rapids is a place.

Orlando would be great. Disney World would be fun to visit, but I guess the Alamo would bring back memories. :wink:
Thank god its the last year in Chattanooga. That town is the butt crack of Tennessee kind of like Butte to a Montanan. (No offense but I lived in Helena and had family in Anaconda and saw more of Butte than possible). But what about the title game possibly being held in San Antonio? How many empty seats will be there? Even when Nebraska-Northwestern played the Alamo Bowl in 2000 they had empty seats. And Husker fans travel as well as Griz fans. In the end it will not matter as the Griz go wherever needed to win a championship.
We probably travel better than fans of any other I-AA team, but not nearly as well as Nebraska fans. They pretty much devote their lives to Husker football because they're a traditional power and there's nothing else to do in Nebraska.

San Antonio sounds good to me. Orlando would work, except that GSU fans would get geographical advantage yet again. And anywhere but Cedar Falls. I would think that Iowa would turn fans away if nothing else.
Actually, it wouldn't be in Orlando, but in Daytona Beach, about 40 miles away. They are going to make the proposal in the very near future. That is the most likely prospect.
At least it wouldn't be in a 3/4-empty Citrus Bowl. But Bethune-Cookman's stadium in Daytona only holds 10,000 people. Either they'll be expanding it soon or there has to be another stadium in Daytona.
From what I understand, there is a civic stadium there. It would need some remodelling, but there is a sports authority that has a lot of money, and is trying to bring these types of games there. I am not sure if it is the same stadium as Bethune-Cookman plays in or not. I thought they were talking about a stadium at least at big as Chatanooga's.
The best idea I have come up with is make it here in Kalamazoo, MI at Waldo Stadium on the campus of beautiful Western Michigan University. We have a sweet 30,000 seat stadium, brand new Nex-Turf surface. You got Chicago and Detroit two hours away either way. Take a trip down to the College Football Hall of Fame ninety miles away in South Bend. And lake effect snow in December in Michigan would be right up the Grizs sleeve. It would be great but then again I just want to watch the Griz.

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