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1995 National Championship Game


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Saw advertisement on Root Sports about a replay of the famous UM vs UM 1995 game at 7P this Sunday. I was in the stands at that game. Life-long memory.
We weren't able to go to the game, but I will always remember being at the airport to welcome the team back to Missoula. That was a wonderful moment.
I looked, I have Bresnan, and on ROOT it is showing Soccer. WTF???

I will pay for a DVD of the game. I lost mine 2 years ago, watched it before every season started, when the VHS got ate.

EDIT: It is on at 8pm MST on Bresnan.
After the game I was down at stocks with my buddy who by coincidence was wearing a jacket which almost matched the one the team was wearing when they got down there... he autographed a lot of boobs that night. Basterd wouldn't let me borrow it.
jazzegriz said:
Dish is showing it on Channel 412-16 @ 8pm MST Sunday. It's labelled as 'Sunday Night Classics.'

My Dish has it on 426 at 8PM Mst. DVR is set up to record it as I was only 9 when the game was played so I don't have any memory of watching it. I'm excited to watch it now.