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MID-MAJOR TOP 25 (March 4, 2013)


1. Gonzaga (31)---29-2---775

2. Middle Tennessee 27-4---730

3. St. Mary's---26-5---692

4. Louisiana Tech---24-3---653

5. Belmont---24-6---642

6. S. F. Austin---24-3---577

7. Creighton---24-7---572

8. Akron---22-4---568

9. Bucknell---25-5---534

10. Davidson---23-7---522

11. Wichita State---24-7---487

12. Valparaiso---24-7---441

13. Montana*---20-6---354

14. Denver---19-8---352

15. Weber State---22-5---315

16. BYU---21-10---309

17. Stony Brook---23-6---269

18. Ohio---21-8---249

19. S. Dakota St.---22-9---178

20. W. Illinois---21-7---134

21. Murray State---20-9---127

22. Lehigh---20-8---125

23. Detroit---20-11---103

24. Norfolk State---19-10---64

25. Robert Morris---20-9---46
Gaeilge1 said:

Is Gonzaga the first team to top the AP, Coaches and Mid Major Poll simultaneously?

Has to be. I think this poll has only been in existince for 9 years or something.
And the Lady Griz are getting closer at #29. Funny thing is, the voters must have gotten a talking to(geography lesson) because all of a sudden Montana State is getting ZERO votes. Guess their losses finally caught up with them. :lol:

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