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13 Seed vs Syracuse

haZyskies said:
That guy is all about upsets. Its not happening.
Agree. Was just surprised at the props that we got. Would love to see us win, but will probably have to settle for being happy with keeping it competitive.
Syracuse is 8-8 in it's last 16. I'm gonna bet the game is closer than last year's Wisconsin debacle.
Potential 3rd round match up ex-Griz coach Mike Montgomery....just takes two upsets!

Do you think Will Cherry is stoked? NCAA in San Jose.
Interesting draw... Turnovers are gonna be key, they have a lot of length. If we make our free throws and slow it down a bit we could be there at the end. Here's hoping Kareem channels his inner A.J. and goes off for 42 :thumb:
I'm happy about the seed. Our win in '06 over Nevada was great, but if we can pull off an upset over Syracuse, that would be monumental! All I know is 'Cuse has a 3-point shooter that broke Jerry McNamera's 3-point records there, so they are dangerous from downtown. Go and get it, Griz!
It's as good as can be expected in the big sky. UM playing a team with 9 L's and traveling across the country
Syracuse is overrated. This game will be close. Wish I could be in San Jose on Thursday. It's going to be a good one.