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12 points?

Four turnovers. :mad: Three fumbles lost.

21 first downs for Montana to 12 first downs for Weber. Final should have been 30-7 at least.
What's up with only 12 points?

I was there........although not totally thrilled with all the play calling, we are becoming a very tough team to stop on some of those run plays.

Ochs is sweet, does not have that strong of arm ( I thought it was stronger than that)

but he has incredible pocket presence, and a sweet touch on the ball.

my old College coach would have said "that there boooyyy is slip-rey"

he is fun too watch, we have our problems, but will be a tough team too beat down the stretch.

Go Griz!

I saw lots of promise there today against a good Weber team

it could and should have been a big blowout...for sure a couple TD's, and they should have NEVER scored at the end ( Bad, bad call....one of worst I have seen in NCAA games.....NOT, I REPEAT NOTTT "PI")

Regarding his arm strength. I'm sure it will get better as he gets his arm back in shape. Remember he just came back from 7 weeks rehab and no practice.
Ochs is sweet, does not have that strong of arm

If your referring to the INT, he took something off that ball! He could throw it 20 yards out of the end zone from that position on the field if he wanted to! Just because he underthrew a long one doesn't mean a problem with arm strenght!

Just look at the trajectory and velocity on his other passes. He sees a receiver that coming open and the receiver is STILL open when the ball gets there! He's got the strongest arm I've seen here in a LONG time!
Weber isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Granted I thought Montana would beat them by a wider margin, but I wasn't that suprised by the score.
The Griz only scored 12 pionts because of poor play calling in side the red zone - if we can make 4 count them 4 field goals - and 0 count them 0 - TD's - someone F'd up, I guess the 1st one to look at would be the same one ,most everyone has been critical of all season - the one that sends in the play from the skybox. But the sugar coaters want to minimize the obvious and make excuses and try to blame any and everthing else.
EWUranger29 thats O.K...I finially got someone to tape the game for me but I don't think I'll watch it again. Enough is enough!
Christ on a crutch....... Not only did we win the freakn' game - We DOMINATED in every fooking category you would wish to look at. NEVERMIND THE FINAL SCORE as long as we has more than them. What reason is there to read deficits in this weeks WIN into future games? True champions when interviewed always say the same thing when asked why they succeeded.....We never overlooked anyone and took it ONE GAME AT A TIME. I am sure the more reactionary personalities on this board will damn and flame for this view, but fook you, if you took an impartial look you would realize you are guilty of REVERSE sugarcoating.As crabby as you may be GEUX, I am disappointed with your view.
Dito on the turnovers. The wierdest thing about Saturday's game was that we scored only 12 points, fieldgoals no less, and NEVER punted the ball. The Griz either scored 3, missed 3 (as in snyder's missed 51 yarder), or we turned the ball over.
The people behind me were so disgusted I wonder why they come to the games. Certainly there are less disappointing ways to spend a Saturday than watching your team win.
I got a kick out of beating Jerry Greybeal at his own game. That's his brand of football, but he sure didn't know how to stop it.
Weber is for real. I watched a tape of their win at EWU and the Eagle defense was gassed, hands on its hips sucking for air by the third quarter. And the Weber defense was able to hold off a fairly impressive EWU offense. Although the Wildcats lost at NAU, they put up good numbers as the game wore on.
I thought the Griz had the depth not to tire out, but our starting defensive tackles were no-shows and we still won. Did anyone notice that??
Did anyone notice that Ochs can't push off his injured foot because of the brace he's wearing, which meant throwing off his back foot most of the game?
There's nothing the Griz O did today that can't be fixed fairly easily. There are going to be some cry babies upset that the game wasn't played the way they called it - as if any game ever was. I hope they pause long enough to enjoy a win. Half the teams of college football weren't so lucky today.

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