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10 of 27 for 90 yards. EDWARDS IS PATHETIC

Greenacres Griz

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1 for 19 in the first half of the Bobcat game and 10 for 27 (37%) for 90 yards (3.3 yds/attempt) in this game. Anyone of you idiots that want to continue to support John Edwards have no business being a football fan. Yeah he's a 22 year old kid and personally I have nothing against him. I'm sure he's a great individual but as a football player he sucks! Let's remember these kids aren't just playing for their pride. Most of them are given full ride scholarships for their athletic ability. These are scholarships that could be given to more deserving students if it were not for these athletes abilities on the football field. The payoff is supposed to be their performance on the field which quite frankly John Edwards has not lived up to.

Additionally, I'm not so stupid as to say that Joe Glenn directly received a 1.3 million dollar payoff to keep JE in as some of you morons are trying to infer. Rather, it is alot of pressure for Coach Glenn to sit a QB who's father donated the amount of money that Mr. Edwards did to the UM football program. This wasn't a direct payoff but you are blind if you don't think that the donation has played into JE's starting job at QB.
Greenacres, let it die, please. The season is over now, and if you are a true fan you will let it die and move on. Lets talk about 2003!!
Hammer said:
Greenacres, let it die, please. The season is over now, and if you are a true fan you will let it die and move on. Lets talk about 2003!!

I second that. The only QB talk I want to hear about is this Ochs fellow. Can he bring us another ring???
Sorry, but I heard Jeff Disney's dad just bought 3000 of the 4000 new seats in the expansion and that Joe penned him in as starting QB next year.

I also hear it will take a herculean effort by Ochs to win the starting job no matter how good he is.

Plus, Billy Cockhill is going to take over head coaching duties along with his Offensive Coordinator duties. Hogan decided that UM needed to save money and reducing the number of coaches would help since Joe Glenn left for greener pastures and went to Wyoming. This way he doesn't have to pay anybody a Head coaching salary. Cockhill will be paid his normal Offensive Coordinator salary even though he has to perform duties as two coaches.
Now if all you took that last post seriously. :lol: I mean you can't just write Ochs in as starting QB until you see Disney play.
TrueGriz said:
Now if all you took that last post seriously. :lol: I mean you can't just write Ochs in as starting QB until you see Disney play.

I've really heard nothing of Disney, unlike Ochs, who I did hear of before this season. I'm not saying Disney isn't going to be a good player... really don't have any stats on the fellow
He redshirted this year as you may have known. But watched him in scrimages and he throws the ball better than either Edwards and Neill. Do not have the stats from his years at his junior college playing days but I do know they were pretty good.

I think we are going to have 2 good QB's next year. Better than the 2 we had this year and last. Haven't really seen Ochs play much, but TV replays shown him throwing the ball a mile on target. Looks like he's got himself one heck of an arm.

I do not expect the kind of QB controversy we had last year. Unless something I just lampooned above occurs. Ochs has got to be favored here.
The coaches really like the way Disney picked up the offense, how he throws the ball, and how he was progressing.

I agree, we will be well set at QB next year.
I haven't seen Disney or Ochs touch a football, but I have talked with some friends that are huge Buff fans, that have seen Ochs play. Seems that there are quite a few people in Co. (mostly alum's) that are REALLY pissed that they let Ochs get away. These people say that he is "The Real Deal", has a laser cannon for an arm, and knows football. They also mentioned that he was a very nice guy. The guy has to have something going for him if he wants to play for the Grizzlies.

I'm sure the QB battle next season should be pretty interesting, and I for one, can't wait. GO GRIZ!!!
Its an interesting "problem" to have.
2 qbs that are probably better than any the team has had for quite some time.
I'll support either/both.
And i wont complain too much as long as the Griz score 6 TDs a game.
Sadly, having the best (and even the 2 best) quarterbacks in the nation playing for the Griz next year won't guarantee squat. We also need a strong O-line. We need some good ball runners. Strangely enough, we need some good D-lineman, and even the odd linebacker or two. Someone who knows how to put foot to ball could be useful, and hey, what good is a QB without someone to catch it.

Then you need a good coach, a few good assistants, a good physio and doc, a good tutor to keep the boys healthy in mind as well...

Basically, what I'm saying is that the Griz are a team in a team sport. They all failed on Saturday, not just Edwards. His stats don't look good, I'll admit that. And its hard to paint a perfect picture in your head when you are forced to listen to the game from the other side of the globe. But how many times did the receiver just drop it cold? How many times did the corner have a hand in the receivers face, or hold his arm or tug his shirt etc? How many times did Edwards get rushed into a pass because the blockers didn't do their job properly?

Maybe Neill would've done better, maybe he wouldn't have. Neill may have come out, thrown 20 passes for 20 receptions and 4 TD's, but he may have fumbled the ball 5 times for TD's on a run play.

The game is over (and unfortunately so is the season), the choices - be them right or wrong - have been made and its times to move on.