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10:42 left in the 4th


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Just wondering....
I noticed as I was at the game that the clock was running and it shouldn't have. I think I'm correct in my observation. I watched the game and it confirmed what I saw. Now here's the question.

They run a play, get flagged for motion. They mark off the penalty and run the clock. The next play they get flagged for procedure again. They mark off the penalty and run the clock. It now is 1st and 20 and the clock now reads 9:52.

So if that's the case, why not run another 4 minutes off of the clock and make it an easy 1st and 60 as long as you have enough field.

I don't think that is correct, so why did noone notice on the sideline. Just asking.
I noticed the clock starting after two penalties and wondered the same. Rules must start the clock after some offensive penalties but not others. There was third penalty for delay of game after the first two and the clock was stopped. Rules must adjust late in the game.

Following these penalties, I believe CP "fumbled" on 1st or 2nd down at roughly their own 30 yard line with about 9:30 left. Griz possession ended in JJ's fumble and CP took ball back at their 20 with about 8 mintues left. The blown fumble call didn't hurt CP and another harmless 1:30 was gone when they got the ball back.

Yes....running clock after offensive penalties doesn't seem right when the offensive team has a lead.

Look forward to hearing from someone who's read the rules (or played the game!!)
From what I've read on another forum, it's up to the discretion of the ref. If the ref believes that the other team is purposefully committing penalties in order to run out the clock that way they can assess an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, stop the clock, and even reset the game clock adding time back on.

Not sure if that's correct though for college... this was in a discussion about high school football rules. Hopefully someone who definitely knows the rules on that will post. I'm curious too and have often wondered the same thing.

If it is the case in college football as well, a team could probably get away with one false start to run the clock, but a 2nd would be a bit iffy...and a 3rd would likely cause the refs to take action. Leaving it up to the discretion of the refs is a bit scary in my opinion especially with Big Sky refs :p