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1 and out for the Kitties


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All the BigSky teams have tough tests this weekend.

But just thinking about the matchups for a minute I concluded that....

Montana has a tough game but is the favorite and should prevail.

Northern Arizona has a very tough game, but if the stars line up right they could upset McNeese.

The Cats don't have a snowballs chance in Hell!
I would think that the cats would need alot of flukey things to happen to win this week as well. But, Moss did make some really good pointsin his 3rd and long article and Picked the Cats to win.

Among the points that made me rethink the Cats doom:

WKU beat NIU (they hate when you call them NIU) by stopping the run and making them pass. If the Cats can do that for 60 minutes they will win. They have to have the best D against the Pass in IAA. So it will come down to them stopping the run.....and that isn't as though as a chore as I had first thought.

I think all three BSC team have a real good shot this week.
I actually think all 3 BSC teams have a legit shot. I do think that MSU is the least likely of the 3 to advance to round 2, however.
N Iowa is reputedly a pretty raucous place to play and are on a heck of a roll this year. I believe MSU's defense will slow down NIU's offense, but I just don't know if the offense will be able to score enough to win. But that's where the return game comes into play.
McNeese seemed to be just getting by lately until the last game of the year. I believe their opponent had to go to the 3rd string QB because of injuries sustained the previous week. I just think that McNeese has not seen an offense as potent or balanced as NAU's. Also the flex defense that NAU runs is very good and quite different than most. Even the BSC teams that have seen it every year are still having trouble with it. And...NAU has been figuring all along that if they made it, they would be playing McNeese and therefore have had an additional week to prepare for them.
UM versus Western Illinois will be a good game. I think it will finish with the point margin within 10 and the winner knowing they beat a damned good team. Of course I am lining up pals to head to Missoula the next weekend to watch a battle between the UMs just in case I get my wish.