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0-1 on conference. That is not a good position to be in righ

Hunch that conf "winner" will have 2 losses...and could be 2 or 3 teams

It's a long season.....and lots of parity....no one runs the table this year IMO
Jack Nicklaus use to say that it never bothered him to be in a hole early...he knew he only had so many bad shots, might as well get em over with.

of course, Jack didn't have Delaney coaching him....something tells me Jack would've fired an incompetent coach, even if he was a nice guy.
USC just fired Kiffen. I am not suggesting Delaney be fired. Any confidence fans had with
Delaney should be minimal after watching last year and watching the first conference game this year.
The talent is there on the field.
If the conference winner will have 2 losses as has been mentioned we have a tough road ahead. psu, cal poly, ewu, msu not to mention sac state. With what I saw last night this week better go well. Yikes!
PDXGrizzly said:
Spanky said:
I don't think it is Mick's fault the offensive line fell asleep!

It is his fault (and his staff's) that they were unprepared and unmotivated.
Spankster is obviously related to Delaney somehow....maybe he was Mick's assistant when he invented the wheel, or they collaborated on the first harnessed fire. Whatever the case, you're wasting your typing on him...

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