I recently read a blog post from a good friend of mine (below) and would like to echo his sentiments. Jim O’Day was a class act, a great man, a leader among leaders, a HUGE asset to Grizzly Athletics and created a legacy that will continue for many many years to come. You will always be a Griz and you will never be forgotten! Thank you for everything you have done for Grizzly Athletics, the University and the Missoula community.


From the blog post by Brent Reser

Last Thursday was a very dark and sad day for my place of work, a day that negatively impacted myself and every single employee in The University of Montana Athletic Department. In what seemed like the biggest punch in the gut one could get, we learned that morning in a last minute mandatory meeting that our athletic director and head football coach had been let go. To see two outstanding individuals ousted so fast sickened us all. I will not address the reasoning (or lack thereof) or my opinion of the terminations in this post because I have absolutely no business doing so. However, what I will address is my admiration and respect for Jim O’Day, the man who served as athletic director for Grizzly Athletics for eight years. In this tribute to Jim, I want to share why he was such a great boss and an even better person.

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