A Griz fan and a Bobcat fan walked by a poster one day that said a man needed help pounding telephone poles in the ground. The next week the Griz fan showed up with a bunch of his griz buddies and the bobcat fan showed up with his bobcat buddies. The man said to the two crews you know what to do so go out and get it done. At the end of the day the griz crew got 35 telephone poles pounded and the bobcat crew only pounded 7. This went on and on until one day the boss said the the bobcat crew, ” What is wrong with you guys, I haven’t seen this bad of a crew since 1945.”

The leader of the bobcat crew spoke out and said,” I’ll tell you what’s going on those jerks are pounding them five feet in the ground while were doing it right and pounding the WHOLE thing into the ground.”