As most of you know, Coach Tinkle recently signed a three-year extension to his contract with the University of Montana. This is great news for Griz Nation as Coach Tinkle has been great for the program and is Grizzly Athletics as much as anyone could be.

An article written by Daniel Martin on NBC Sports points out an interesting tidbit written into Coach Tinkle’s new contract. An incentive based on “money games” that adds to the salaries of Coach Tinkle and his assistants. Tinkle must generate $80,000 per year in “money game” guarantees, and is able to share any additional money up to $150,000 with his assistants.

Is this the solution to the low salaries that Montana generally pays its coaches and will it help keep the coaching talent we have instead of being a stepping stone for bigger and better jobs?

Quotes from the article

Fresh off an NCAA tournament berth last season, Montana is installing an incentive based on these “money games” into the contract extension of coach Wayne Tinkle.

The most appealing part for the school, as the report points out, is that Tinker can have a more competitive salary, while not burdening the state. With revenue coming from other sources, Montana will not have to pay as much, but could keep him in the head coaching role.

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