Relief BedI got the chance to test out a new camping pad/bed, the Relief Bed on a recent fishing trip. As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for outdoor gear, and I always focus on the best stuff so when I get a chance to test out some new gear, I jump at it. Camping pads/beds are an essential piece of gear when tent camping. They are light weight, compact and provide the comfort needed for a good nights sleep.

The idea behind this particular bed, which struck my interest is that Relief Bed provides innovative, strategically built beds for impoverished people in emerging countries, disaster victims, aid workers, and the homeless in North America. They have a buy one and donate one option which will also provide a bed to someone in need.

I tested this bed over a few weekends and am really satisfied tent camping out of my car with this piece of gear. The ground I was sleeping on wasn’t the best (a lot of pinecones, rocks and sticks) but this bed cushioned all of them and I slept comfortably. When I unpacked the Relief Bed, and opened up the valves, it self inflated nicely so I could focus on finishing up the rest of camp rather than huffing and puffing until I was light-headed.

I always woke up the next morning without the stiff back that I’m used to while camping and my neck felt great too with the built-in pillow which was an upgrade from my usual wadded up sweatshirt that I use with other standard beds. The main complain I have has nothing to do with the bed itself, rather my dog trying to steal it from me as he also wanted the comfort, smart dog.
Relief Bed laid out in my tent

Relief Bed Pros:

The Relief bed has plenty of room to sleep on (for me and my dog), is self inflating, portable and adjustable for different comfort levels. The pillow is the most exciting thing about this bed to me.

Relief Bed Cons:

Coming in at 2 pounds, I found this bed to be on the heavier side of available camp beds so if you plan on doing a lot of backcountry packing, this may not be the best option. BUT, knowing that this mattress is also allowing others to get a good nights sleep, that little extra weight might not be so bad after all.

Relief Bed Summary:

If you’re looking for a new camp bed/air mattress, definitely check out the Relief Bed and what the company stands for. You’ll get a good nights sleep and feel good knowing you’re helping those in need at the same time. Did I mention how awesome the pillow is?

To find out more about the Relief Bed, check out their website at