This is a blog series on following the adventures of Ravis and Bret Hellyer, a soldier deployed in Afghanistan for the next year.

While we await the arrival of Ravis we prepare to head to Afghanistan from Fort Bliss, TX. Here we will train on all things needed when boots hit the ground. With a large number of Griz nation fans that will be deploying with the 260th EN CO, Ravis should have a warm welcoming upon his arrival. Although we have many ideas on the different adventures for our friend and we always interested in hearing from other fans and followers throughout the year on what they would like to see or hear about. Ravis will become part of a route clearance company who will be clearing roads throughout Afghanistan. He will be leading the way to help all those who follow accomplish their mission. I will continue to update what Ravis is up to and the encounters he will face on the way. While I will give stories and pictures of his adventures I remind you that some information must remain secret for the safe return of Ravis and his fellow soldiers. We look forward to the opportunity to support Griz Nation while overseas and hope you enjoy following “The Adventures of Ravis”.

Written by SPC Bret Hellyer

Editors Note: Ravis made it to Fort Bliss yesterday but suffered a broken foot. Surgery is schedule for today. Get well soon little buddy!

Ravis 6-7-2012

Ravis getting boxed up ready to leave Butte, MT on his way to Fort Bliss, TX and then onto Afghanistan.