Hey Griz nation, I have been asked to periodically post/blog about Grizzly athletics and other nonsense so allow me to introduce myself! My name is Nick Martin, I received my degree from the U of M this year. But, I am the ripe age of 26 and have been in Missoula my whole life.

I played football in high school for the Hellgate Knights and then went on to play at Montana Tech (DE) for a year. After that quick stint of NAIA football, I returned back to Missoula to deal poker at Stockmans bar. This all seems trivial but, hang with me and I will show you where this is leading….

I became friends quickly with the Decoite brothers and even more so with Tim Bush. Now let me tell you, growing up and playing football in this town, these guys were iconic to my generation. They carried the tradition of what Grizzly football was all about and also showed me how young adults who were student athletes should act. To be quite honest it was refreshing and I have formed a perspective of Grizzly athletics that most people really do not have.

I bleed maroon just like most of you who are avid readers on this site and I hold the program to a high standard just as most of you do as well. I will probably tend to offer an opinion throughout my posts that, if there is one thing I have learned throughout loving this school is that, NOTHING will surprise me (good or bad).

Some of my greatest memories growing up are associated with Grizzly athletics. I remember Nate bringing down the backboard, I remember Jimmy catching a ball in the NE and the goal posts being ripped down and carried across the footbridge. I remember Timmy Bush breaking the sack and TFL records, I remember as a kid running around in Dave Guffeys office with his son Matt looking for Griz garb to take as treasures. Everything this town stands for is built upon togetherness centered around this school and I cherish what it has given to me in my life. As I start a family of my own, I only hope to have children to share these moments with.

I guess I will also just tell ya a few more things about me. First off, my loves in life go like this: Wife, Rams, Griz, Golf. I am a die-hard, fanatical, freak when it comes to St. Louis Rams football….. Um, ya I just said that. I also am a 5 handicap golfer and am working very hard to improve on!

So in all, nice to meet you all, I look forward to chatting about Grizzly sports and any other things that pop up! Take care and until next time, deuces.

O by the way,



Sincerely , @Nmartin55