Despite the rampant rumors that surfaced Friday evening / Saturday morning about QB Jordan Johnson being expelled from UM, it was confirmed by Kevin McRae, Associate Commissioner of Higher Education for the Montana University System, that Johnson remains on the football team and is in good standing as a student at The University of Montana.

The statement from McRae states:

Jordan Johnson is enrolled as a student at the University of Montana. He completed spring semester. He is not enrolled for summer semester or taking summer courses, but he is pre-enrolled for fall semester. He is on the UM football roster, which means he is academically eligible and in ‘good standing’ as an enrolled student. A student-athlete must be in good standing with the university to be on an athletic roster.

Reports came in on Friday night via Twitter about Johnson’s expulsion from UM, confirmed by Greg Rachac (@CatGrizInsider) and Fritz Neighbor (@fritz_neighbor). then posted a facebook status Saturday morning about the expulsion which caused quite the uproar within the social media communities. Many forum topics ensued on our forums late Friday evening as well, adding fuel to the rumor discussions.

We here at apologize to Griz fans and to Jordan for participating in the rumor and we will do our best to confirm with multiple different sources in the future. Our goal is to keep Griz Nation informed on the latest and breaking information on Griz Athletics, not to spread rumors.

Thanks for your understanding, passion and support you have all shown Griz Nation!

More information on the statement can be seen on the Missoulian