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After a first half total beatdown of the Vandals the Griz are looking red hot headed into their last regular season game against Bozeman State. Tonight renewed our 2nd oldest rivalry and the Griz picked it up right where they left it off, with a solid ass-kicking of the sorry excuse for a team that the Idaho Vandals are. Honestly for the life of me I’m not sure how the hell Idaho built this team in the FBS ranks. Give me Ungerer, Saunders (maybe), and the Elliss kids… and that’s it. Having grown up hating this team more than the cats I loved seeing the Griz put it to a hapless Vandals team who should have been much more ready to play, but came out flat and apparently unmotivated to put up much of a fight.

A few general thoughts:

– While the SUU game remains (IMO) Sneed’s best game, today featured some of his best passes, especially his deep shot to Akem for a TD. Once again with a clean(er) pocket and slightly less pressure Sneed was able to make things happen with his arm and his feet. He was a total threat once again, and we’ll need him to be again next week too. Barring a pretty unexpected final stretch Sneed is going to finish as the leading rusher for this team, in addition to leading the whole way at QB. Quite the season so far for this guy.

– On his first carry I was iffy on JLM as a running back… but I believe he converted two 3rd downs on his other two carries. That’s some good stuff.

– Akem has officially cemented himself as one of the top WRs in the Big Sky, and the dude is just a sophomore.

– Congrats Dante Olson on breaking the all-time tackle record for the Griz. 10 more stops tonight and he’s got at least 1 more in front of him this year.

– Reggie Tilleman, in his home state, had his best game of his Griz career I’d say. 1 sack, 2.5 TFLs. Great to see such a hard working guy who is a vocal leader on this team have a big showing at Idaho.

– Robby Hauck is going to be a guy that MSU is going to take a key on. While he’s a tackling machine he’s shown issues with taking angles on ball carriers, either after a catch or when the RB/QB is running. He’s a young guy and only going to get better, but far too often right now he’s chasing guys or getting hurdled by guys as he’s down on the ground. I’ll give him props though too, that PBU at the end of the first half was great.

– Considering the talent they were against, maybe the best game for the OL, even though no running back had any meaningful numbers. Using Meyer and Martin to pull and help on the edge was helpful tonight many times.

– Get used to the sight of Garrett Graves running dudes over.

– Once again a team with a statistically better special teams unit was totally shut down. Props to the ST players and coaches for their work here.


This was a very good momentum-building win for the Griz and I’m damn glad the Little Brown Stein is staying where it belongs.

We’re now on to the Cats, FTC.

Go Griz!

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