By BWahlberg

The season is finally here and what an intro to the season it will be! A new head coach, a new offense headlined by a new in-state QB. We’re facing the 4 time national champion NDSU Bison. Oh and it’s the very first college game of the season, on ESPN, with Brent Mussberger and Jesse Palmer. Add in the stadium has some new upgrades and it will be setting a new attendance record for sue. No pressure at all, right?

As always the opening game scouting report is tricky, this year even more so since we’ve got a brand new offense that will not look much like what we’ve seen since the mid-90’s. Additionally for all you charts and graphs fans… none for me this year, too much work to get together and they looked like junk anyways. I figured I’ll stack statistical advantages to each team – give me some feedback here on what you like better.

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