Hey there, Griz Nation!  I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a new member of the eGriz blogging team, so I thought I’d throw out a brief introduction!  My name is Nick Gauthier (26 years old), born and raised in Montana, and I am a 2012 UM alumnus.  I’m a first-generation Grizzly, the first of my family to graduate from the University of Montana, and I plan on someday raising my future kids to be the next generation of  my family to carry on the Pride and Tradition of the Montana Grizzlies.

It’s interesting how I became a Griz fan.  I had never been to a Griz game up until 2007, my freshman year at UM.  Don’t let that little fact make you think I’m anything less than a die-hard Griz fan.  Growing up in Helena, I stayed pretty busy with sports and school.  Also adding that I have two younger siblings who had busy weekend schedules as well made it difficult to travel on the weekends.  With being so busy, I was able to catch a few games here and there on TV, but never really had a passion for Griz football that I proudly hold today.  It wasn’t until high school that I became interested in football.  I played in the pep band, attended every home game, and became known in the band as that “loud guy” whenever we were on defense.  I’d say that was a good omen that I’d fit right in with Griz Nation.

My first Griz game experience was unique, one that many people don’t get to experience.  Most fans get to experience their first game from the stands, I got to experience mine on the field.  As a member of the UM Grizzly Marching Band my freshman year, I found myself running down the visitor’s tunnel into a stadium of 25,000 deafening fans, into the heart of Griz Nation.  On the field you could feel the roar of the crowd vibrating in your chest…  I was sold at that point.  Getting to be a part of the Griz Gameday atmosphere was amazing.  Since that day, all I have done is bleed Maroon and Silver.

Griz Nation is unlike any other fan base in the entire country, and I am proud to be a part of this great family.  I am looking forward to providing new ways for fans to connect with each other and have fun talking everything Griz!

Go Griz!!

And of course… FTC.