A fella took his dog into a bar in Bozeman to watch the Griz-Cat game.  The bartender was dubious about the dog’s presence at the bar.  The fella said “Com’on just let us watch for awhile and you’ll see he really is at Bobcat fan”.  So the bartender consented and they started watching the game.  After a bit the Cats got a 1st down and the little dog jumped off the bar stool and ran around it barking.  Tha bartender says we’ll see and let the dog stay.  A little later in the game the Cats scored.  The dog jumped off the chair and ran around the room barking furiously.  The bartender said, “Well, I do believe you have a real Cat fan there.  What does he do when they win?”  The fella says, “I don’t know I’ve only had him 16 years!!!”