A young man had been trying to get into Medical School for some time and was frustrated in that he was not smart enough. He was really depressed until one day he saw a classified ad in USA Today. He called the number on the ad and was assured the clinic could help him. So he shceduled his first appointment visit for the next week.

He showed up at the clinic at his scheduled time and was taken into the exam room. In walked a clinician to go over the procedure and answer questions.

The clinician explained the procedure was really pretty sinple. It involved trnasplanting 2 cc’s of donar brain cells stored in their cryogenic bank into his brain and that would increas his intelligence.

The young man said that sounded good but how much smarter would he be with 2 more cc’s of brian cells.

The clinician said that really depended on the cells being implanted and who donated them. Some people are smarted than others. So the young man asked how much does the procedure cost? The clinician replied that it was priced according to how much smarter the man wanted to be.

“Okay” said the young man “can you show me some examples?” Sure said the clinician who produced a schedule of charges.

2 cc’s Brain Cells from North.Colorado Grad $ 800.00

2 cc’s from an Idaho State Grad $ 1,200.00

and it went on ending up like this….

2 cc’s U of Montana Grad $ 7,500.00 and finally

2 cc’s Montana State Grad $ 15,000.00

The young man was astonished when he saw the last entry and Said ” Wow by the price those brian cells from the Bobcat Grad must really be powerful and smart!”

“Oh ya” said the clinician ” that is the excpetion to the price based on intellectual potency rule here. Do you have any idea how many MSU grads we need to go through just to get 2 cc’s of brain cells”