Mike Kramer was watching the Grizzlies practice one day when Coach Hauck came over and said, “I think it’s gonna be a great year, we have some very smart talented quarterbacks this year”. As Craig Ochs walked by, Hauck motioned for him to come over and he told Kramer to “check this out.” Say Craig, “Who is your father’s-brother’s nephew?” With a smile, Craig Ochs said, “That’s easy coach, it’s me, Craig Ochs”. Impressed by how smart a Griz quarterback is, Kramer was excited to see how smart his quarterback was. At Bobcat camp the next day, he asked Travis Lulay the same question. “Who is your father’s-brother’s newphew?” Travis took a minute to think it over and said, “Gosh coach, I’m not sure, is it Kane Ione?” Kramer upset that is quarterback couldn’t figure it out exclaimed… “NO YOU IDIOT, IT’S CRAIG OCHS!”