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Get the low down on Griz/FCS Football
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Give me a break the offense looked stale, the defense had holes all over & couldn't tackle & Bobby Hauck couldn't coach a good game if it was Little Grizzly football. This idiot never ceases to amaze me. What the hell was he doing with a gimmick play having Jefferson Heidelberger in for one play at quarterback & Ochs lined up at receiver on 3rd & 15. Not to mention UNC isn't even a real 1-aa team, they are transitional & have 21 less scholarships than the Griz have to offer. Griz are over-ranked & need to step it up if they plan on contending for the Big Sky championship. If we're not carefull 3 to for years down the road UM is going to have a battle for in state kids with MSU as Kramer is really turning the Cats around & making them contenders year in and year out.
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Greenacres: "Mrs. Hauck... is this you?" :lol:
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