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In the article: ... tuner.aspx has the phrase 'personal best.' O.K. great. Then later it has in the article PR, without identifying what the abbreviation 'PR' actually means. Now, I know this is nitpickin' but I thought there was a Journalism School somewhere around Missoula and to use abbreviations before actually saying what the letters (for instance, PR) actually means before the abbreviated is utilized is an inconsistency. Say, for instance, Jurisprudentially, that nothing is left up to mere assumption.

But, as usual, I would (have to) assume PR means 'Personal Record,' as in the same thing as personal best. Just means the same thing, right?

I figured.

No sense in leaving things up to chance, I guess.

I mean, if 'Personal Best' (which could very conceivably be abbreviated 'PB') means the same thing as 'PR,' I guess 'B' means the same thing as 'R' in today's millennial sort of way of thinking. Like, what's the difference, right? Like, there's no difference between 'left' and 'right,' 'B' and 'R,' 'up' and 'down,' 'pain' and 'pleasure,' 'right' and 'wrong,' etc., etc., etc. Yeah, right.
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So they sell Cold Smoke in Wyoming too.
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