MaKenna McGill's comeback story

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MaKenna McGill's comeback story

Post by alabamagrizzly » Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:55 pm

A good read on GoGriz. ... cgill.aspx

Talks about Montana center fielder MaKenna McGills comeback from her season ending knee injury last year in Montana's history making season and her desire to return. McGill was the top defensive CF'er in the Big Sky her Fr and So year and was on her way for a third. Offensively she was outstanding as a So but had slumped some last year but her defensive prowess more then made up for it.
"Softball is life. She lives and breathes it. They all love softball, but I think the scale tips a little bit more for MaKenna," says Coach Pinkerton.
"I remember how I felt and what I was thinking," McGill says. "I was convinced I could play. I told Pink when he came out, 'I'm staying in the game.' I probably told him that 20 or 30 times." Her body told her otherwise.
"I cried. A lot. I probably cried every day that I was still in school. Not getting to play was hard for me," she says. "That's what my life is. Softball is what I do every day."
She credits her teammates for keeping her involved and invested in what they were doing, for making her feel like she was a big part of the success that followed, but it wasn't the same. Not even close.
"Regionals was what was hard. I've always wanted to play in that situation, so walking on the field when we got there was difficult," she says.
"It was something I'd worked my whole life to achieve, so having to sit and watch it, knowing I wasn't going to get a pitch, knowing I wasn't going to do anything to help the team, it was hard."
The other option, should her recovery get delayed or should she not get to full strength quickly enough in early 2018, is redshirting next season, then playing as a fifth-year senior in 2019.
"Right now I don't have a position. I have to earn it back if I want it. But whatever ends up being best for the team, I'm all for it," she says.
"I want to say I was part of that first class, from beginning to end. And I want to win another ring with this team. Next year."
"In Bill's(Wild Bill Kelly) tragic death there might be some message for the college society that basks in the glory of the football team and the individual heroes, but overlooks the fact that they are like the rest of us with conflicts, fears, frustrations, and weakness."-Joseph Cochran, friend of Kelly's

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