Grizzly fall sports schedule

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Grizzly fall sports schedule

Post by alabamagrizzly » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:15 am

For those that are interested in following all Griz sports, I'm posting a complete fall schedule and results of all NCAA sanctioned Griz teams. If anyone has info on how the other teams such as Lacrosse and such are competing, that'd be great. Enjoy.

Sorry, all times are Central cus I did this for myself originally.

Football 4-2, 6-3
Soccer 5-2-3, 10-7-4
Volleyball 2-11, 7-19
M Tennis
W Tennis
M Cross Country
W Cross Country
Softball 7-1

Aug 14th-20th
Soc @ Boise St Fri 6p W 1-0
Soc @ Utah St Sun 2p L 0-2

Aug 21st-27th
Vol n UTEP Fri 7p W 3-1
Soc v Air Force Fri 6:30p W 2-0
Vol n Tulsa Sat 1p W 3-2
Vol @ No Tex Sat 7p L 0-3
Soc v San Jose St Sun 2p W 4-1

Aug 28th-Sept 3rd
Vol n Long Beach St Thur 6p W 3-0
MCC Missoula Mt Fri 0-3, P. Alexander 20th/74
WCC Missoula Mt Fri 1-2, E. Pittis 2nd/57
Vol @ Utah Val Fri 6p L 0-3
Soc v Ga Sou Fri 7p W 2-1
Vol n #9 Kansas Sat 10:30a L 0-3
FB v Valparaiso Sat 2p W 45-23
Soc v #14 Nebraska Sun 12p L 0-1

Sept 4th-10th
Vol n SE Missouri St Fri 11a W 3-2
Vol n Neb-Omaha Fri 5p W 3-0
Soc @ Iowa Fri 7p L 0-1
Vol n San Jose St Sat 11:30a L 0-3
Vol @ Drake Sat 3:30p L 1-3
FB @ Washington Sat 7p L 7-63
Soc @ No Iowa Sun 1p W 2-1

Sept 11th-17th
Gol Anaconda Mt Mon-Tues 5th/8 B. Barckley 1st/45
Vol n Seattle Fri 11a L 0-3
Vol n Ill-Chicago Fri 3:30p L 1-3
Soc @ Oregon Fri 9p L 0-1
MCC @ Bozeman Mt Sat 3rd/8, M. Drew 9th/51
WCC @ Bozeman Mt Sat 4th/8, M. Lowry 3rd/52
Vol @ S Ill-Edwardsville Sat 11a L 1-3
FB v Savannah St Sat 2p W 56-3
Soc v Washington St Sun 3p T 0-0

Sept 18th-24th
Gol @ Flossmoor Ill Mon-Tues 3rd/11 B. Barckley t2nd/67
Vol @ E Wash* Thur 8p L 1-3
WTen @ Pocatello Id Fri-Sun singles 12-8, doubles 7-4; Ronney 1st/22, Bostrum/Kincaid 2nd/16
FB v E Wash* Sat 7p L 42-49
Vol @ Idaho* Sat 9p L 0-3
Soc v So Utah* Sun 2p W 1-0

Sept 25th-Oct 1st
Vol v Sac St* Thur 8p L 0-3
MCC Missoula Mt Fri 0-2, J Eastwood 6th/35
WCC Missoula Mt Fri 0-2, E Pittis 1st/27
Soc @ Idaho St* Fri 5p L 0-1
MTen @ Pocatello Id Fri-Sun singles 18-4, doubles 5-3; Casdevall 1st/31, Korkh 1st/22; Schmidl/Cannellopoulos 1st/25
WTen @ Evanston Ill Fri-Mon singles 3-7, doubles 0-5
SB v MSU-Billings Sat 2:30p W 15-0
SB v No Idaho Sat 5p W 10-4
FB @ Port St* Sat 4p W 45-33
Vol @ MSU* Sat 8p L 0-3
Gol @ Palm Desert Ca Sat-Sun 7th/12, H. Hoagland 12th/76
Soc @ Web St* Sun 1:30p T 1-1
SB v Carroll Sun 2p L 0-1
SB v Carroll Sun DH W 12-2

Oct 2nd-8th
Vol @ Idaho St* Thur 8p L 2-3
Soc v Sac St* Fri 4p W 1-0
WTen @ Long Beach St Fri-Sun singles 8-7, doubles 2-4; Kincaid and Maher consolation champ
MTen @ Boise Id Fri-Sun singles 16-7, doubles 2-3; Casdevall 2nd/77
SB v Spokane Falls Sat 2p W 5-1
SB v Spokane Falls Sat DH W 24-1
FB @ Idaho St* Sat 3:30p W 38-31
Vol @ Weber St* Sat 8p W 3-1
Soc v No Ari* Sun 2p W 2-1

Oct 9th-15th
WTen @ Salt Lake Ut Wed-Sat singles 12-13, doubles 0-3; Ronney 2-1 Rd32/110
Vol v No Col* Fri 8p L 0-3
Soc @ Idaho* Fri 9p W 1-0
MCC @ Santa Clara Ca Sat 12th/17, Jonathan Eastwood 48th/157
WCC @ Santa Clara Ca Sat 8th/20, Maryn Lowry 24th/160
MCC @ Lewiston Id Sat no team result, Kyle Peterson 52nd/139
WCC @ Lewiston Id Sat no team result, Maeve Holman 65th/129
FB v No Dak* Sat 2p W 41-17
Vol v No Dak* Sat 8p L 0-3
SB v Providence Sun 2p W 10-2
SB v Providence Sun DH W 21-0
Soc @ E Wash* Sun 3p L 0-1

Oct 16th-22nd
Gol @ Tacoma Wa Mon-Tues 9th/14, Hailey Hoagland t7th/80
MTen @ Provo Ut Wed-Sat singles 11-10, doubles 3-3; Casadevall R8(QT)/128, all three pairs advancing to R32/64
Vol v So Utah* Thur 8p W 3-2
Soc @ No Col* Fri 7p T 0-0
Vol v No Ari* Sat 8p L 0-3
Soc v No Dak* Sun 3p W 2-1

Oct 23rd-29th
Vol @ No Dak* Thur 7p L 1-3
Soc v Port St* Fri 4p T 1-1
WTen @ Boise Id Fri-Sat
MTen @ Spokane Wa Fri-Sun
MCC BSC Championship Sat 10th/12; Jonathan Eastwood 30th/92
WCC BSC Championship Sat 6th/12; Emily Pittis 9th/89
FB @ Web St* Sat 3p L 27-41
Vol @ No Col* Sat 8p L 0-3

Oct 30th-Nov 5th
Vol @ Port St* Thur 10p L 1-3
Soc BSC Semis v UNC Fri 12pm L 1-2
FB v No Ari* Sat 4:30p W 17-15
Vol v MSU* Sat 8:30p
Soc BSC Championship Sun TBD

Nov 6th-12th
Vol v Idaho* Thur 8p
MCC NCAA Regional Fri
WCC NCAA Regional Fri
FB v No Col* Sat 2p
Vol v E Wash* Sat 8p

Nov 13th-19th
Vol BSC Quarter Thur TBD
Vol BSC Semis Fri TBD
Vol BSC Championship Sat TBD
FB @ MSU* Sat 1p
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Re: Grizzly fall sports schedule

Post by EpistleYourself » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:02 pm

Oh yes! Thank you for this, I am a big fan!

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