Was UM loss worse than Oregon loss to AZ St?

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UM loss was much worse! I didn't chastised at all for the Oregon loss. I didn't eat any crow for the Oregon loss.
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I think Oregon has less than a 50% chance of beating Utah. If they lose, will they feel any less bad about losing to Arizona State since that will not have cost them a potential bid to the NC playoff?
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Don't care what happened to Oregon, but was glad to see them lose!
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kemajic wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:02 pm
PlayerRep wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:56 pm
Oregon was ranked no. 6 and in the hunt for the 4th spot in the FBS playoffs. AZ St was
5-5. Hadn’t had a lead in a game since Oct 12.

Now Oregon will not be in playoffs. Don’t know if loss has any impact on PAC-12 championship game.

Griz have 6th seed in playoffs, bye and the world ahead of them in the playoffs. And the sun came up today.
Yes; UO loss had no impact; they were not going to make the top 4 and they're a lock for the PAC north. Besides, Oregon was in the game until the last. Griz were out of it very, very early. Far more shame to the Griz; men against boys.

Good to have two weeks to regroup. Would love to have Nova in Missoula; 2009 still stings.
My SEC sources, one of whom is my son who goes to school in Tennessee and attends one or more SEC games every year, says Oregon would definitely have been the 4th team had they beaten AZ St.

And sgriz, as I thought, Oregon beat Utah.

The Oregon loss was way bigger than the UM loss to Cats. UM has everything within its grasp. Oregon is out of the running, and nothing could get them back into the running after the AZ St loss. AZ St. is a mess now too. What a letdown for Oregon,.
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