The First-Quarter Play Call That Lost The Game Was...

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hilinegrizfan wrote: Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:46 pm
PlayerRep wrote: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:52 am
horribilisfan8184 wrote: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:41 am Stupid play calls that don't work look at critical times look monumentally stupid.*
Stupid play calls that do work are lucky, but still stupid.
Stupid play calls at critical times in multiple games that don't work suggest the play caller(s) has not mastered, or has lost or is beginning to lose the ability to learn from mistakes.

I expect these types of mistakes from a move-up head coach or first time coordinator, not a drop down seasoned head coach or drop down coordinator. I'd like nothing better than Bobby and this team to succeed. I never expected so many breakdowns in fundamentals, especially how they have snowballed as the season progressed, from a team coached by this staff. I was prepared to see a team lacking in experienced talent and depth at trench positions struggle, but not from the talented and experienced skill position players. Because of how well these players have shown they can play in early games we know they can do it. I expect Bobby and his staff will correct the breakdowns in fundamentals and restore discipline to fundamentals and play calling over the bye week. If I'm wrong on this, maybe it is true you can't go home again.

* Testing the potential for success of the swinging gate conversion play and TE dive play would not have been stupid if tried in situations where failure would not affect the outcome of the game.
Some play calls that work are good calls. Some play calls that work are deemed to have been brilliant. Had this played worked, or even if there had been no fumble and UM had scored on the next play, no one would have said anything about the play.

Any play, whether conventional or unconventional, that doesn't work, or that has a bad result, is subject to criticism.

I don't expect unconventional calls to come mainly from inexperienced coaches. Jeez, look at the Seahawks pass call on the one that got intercepted several years ago, in the Super Bowl.
And here we are 4 years later still talking about how terrible that play call was...
From my perspective it was the perfect call at the perfect time.
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