This weekend’s loss and this season falling short of many of our expectations still sting. You see that on the board and when you talk with fans, there’s a big sense of disappointment and frustration with the outcome so far of this this season.

I believe that Griz Nation is one of the best fan bases in all of college sports and while we’ve seen some of the ugliness come through the cracks of late I firmly believe that most all of us still love this team and support the program. Support does not come without frustration and the needed venting from time to time, however I trust that while the short-term emotions are rather choppy right now – the long term respect and passion will remain.

Come this Saturday, you’ll find me where you always will for home games – at the stadium, cheering on the Griz. I encourage anyone who has flat out given up on these guys and the program because of one down year to please just stay away… for good. Our fan base has a solid foundation who will stay committed to supporting these young men which will continue on through all of the ups and downs. Support of any program is not without it’s difficulties and challenging times.

2012 has been a rough year, but remember the work and effort that each and every player and coach has put into this season. The players are still playing these last games to WIN and I sincerely hope that as many of you as possible still plan to come cheer and support the Griz to help them achieve these wins. The Griz can hit the mark of another winning season, a victory over the cats, retention of the great divide trophy, and can build momentum headed into next season. Fan support will help – do your part and cheer these Griz on. They’ve worked too hard for fans to simply give up on them.

Go Griz!