Every now and then it helps to have a good reminder of who you are and how good you’ve actually got it as a fan of the Montana Grizzlies. We are all just that, in fact, fans. We cheer passionately for the Griz and we all expect the best out of the team, however some of us show it in different ways than other fans.

Lately I’ve been slipping. I enjoy blogging and discussing all things Griz Nation and Grizzly athletics, but of late I have been drifting into discussions and topics that I used to rail against in years past.

This board is great for discussion but it sure can drift off topic and turn into arguments. Fans banter back and forth a lot, it happens. However when fans begin getting personal or speaking in a very negative tone towards players I have always thought that is gong too far. There’s pointing out issues, discussing concerns in what you see, and hopes for improvement. That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s when the fans cross the line and question players talent, motivation, and drive. It’s when fans make negative personal comments towards players or players families.

I support this program, its coaches, its players, and the administration. I support it both financially and emotionally. I want the best out of everyone, and I should do better myself. In fact a lot of us should do better.

Lets remember Griz Nation, this whole team, it’s coaches included started work on this season just weeks after the 2012 season wrapped up. We weren’t out there in the snow working our asses off at 6am in the early spring, or in the gym every day getting ready for the new season. We didn’t sacrifice a whole month of summer to prepare for the season. And many of us have no understanding of what it takes for these players to balance school, football, family, work, and a social life.

I’m not naming names because I don’t want to post this in judgement of any one fan or any group of fans. The only person I’m aware of is myself, and I’m now keenly aware of things I need to improve when I’m in discussions on here. I’d encourage many of you to take a step back, look at your words and actions, and work to improve who you are as a fan – if you feel you need it. If not, great, I commend you for being better than me.

The Griz are on a big rebound from last year, everyone needs our support, so let’s get behind this team and move forward.

Go Griz