The Good, Bad and the Ugly from Sac State by HookedonGriz

– second straight week putting up 60+
– Gus played very, very well again. The game seems to have slowed down for him
– 128 unanswered points. I don’t care if that’s flag football in the school yard, that is impressive
– Buss, one of the best linebackers I’ve seen and he’s only a sophomore
– kidder continues to wreak absolute havok
-14 different receivers caught a ball…..14!
– Calhoun continues to have that unteachable talent of just finding the end zone
– Bingham is scary good, and only a redshirt freshman
– curran continues to look great and has really answered the challenge from sitting out a game
– the blocks by the receivers on the perimeter. This unit can block extremely well.
– lamarriel Taylor’s and Eatons first catch as Griz
– was happy to see Counts stay healthy and run well and find the end zone
– glad to see nyugen get a long TD. Has some it all for this team and deserved a play like that
– solid play from 2s and 3s and a glimpse into some future Griz stars
– Ryan Johnson and tucker Schye continue to get insane pressure
– strong’s pick 6….and even better when Stitt congratulated him he said “Coach, thank you for getting me here.” This kid is the best transfer in the Big Sky IMO.

Bad: not much bad really so these are probably a bit picky
– another first series 3 and out
– a few bad angles and tackling issues by Yamen and others (is he 100%?)

– 2 more missed PATs. That is at least 1-2 missed PATs in the last 3 games. Not cool at all. Is it time to let the lefty kick PATs and let Tim handle kickoffs and FGs. It’s become a mental issue I’m afraid. If it costs a game we are going to lose our s#*t

5-1 and NAU is next. Would love to see the Griz win there and get to 6-1 with EWU, ISU, NOCO, and MSU left.