From the Forums, we bring you a call to action! Thanks for the post BWahlberg

From last night’s Griz Encounter Coach Hauck urged the crowd of what we as fans need to do when we see someone in Griz gear or at anytime on gameday.

If you see a fellow Griz fan, give them a, “Go Griz!”

Their reply should be, “Fight on!”

(and so if you get a Go Griz to you, that should be your answer).

This whole fall camp that’s how Bobby’s broke practice ending huddles, with a loud Go Griz and the team replies, “fight on!” If you pick up the official Maroon Out T shirts for the UNI game around town you’ll see “Fight On” is printed on the back.

And yes I’m sure they’re all aware it’s the name of the USC fight song too, so please take this weekend in advance of the first game to get over those concerns.


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