grizcolorsBefore anyone jumps on me about the fact that the “New School” colors are actually the original colors of UM, I know this, but in modern history, “Old School” colors are considered to be the Copper and Gold and the “New School” colors are considered to be the Maroon and Silver. Maroon and Silver were originally used by UM from 1893-1967. UM switched to Copper and Gold (“Old School”) in 1968 and used them through 1996 and switched back to Maroon and Silver (“New School”) in 1997.

UM’s official colors are actually copper, silver and gold, and were chosen as such in recognition of the state of Montana’s mining history. The confusion stems from the use of Maroon or Texas Orange at various times in history due to the lack of copper dye.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the thoughts/opinions of fans around Griz Nation. I posed this question on Facebook and Twitter yesterday with great feedback.

On Facebook, the responses were spread fairly evenly. It seems there is a lot of love for both color combinations.

  • Old School: 33
  • New School: 28
  • Occasional throwback: 9
  • Combo of both: 4
  • Anything but black: 1

On Twitter, the responses were minimal (as expected) but also varied.

With of course a reference to the wonderful movie “Old School”


So, after the debate, it seems Griz Nation is mixed in their opinion of the best color combination for Grizzly Athletics.

What do you think? Please comment below.