I got the chance to test out a new pack, the RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter COVERT Series bag from RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter COVERT Series bagRockagator and it’s a great sturdy pack in the form of a dry bag. I am a sucker for outdoor gear, and I always focus on the best so when I get a chance to test out some new gear, I jump at it. Backpacks and other gear bags are something I can never have enough of. My friends all make fun of me that I have at least two packs for every type of activity I engage in, they are not wrong. Why limit yourself? Being in Montana, we have many elements to fight against and the weather can be all over the place at any given time.

This time of year in Montana, I am into snow sports, specifically snowmobiling. It’s nice to have a pack that has the dry capabilities to keep my gear protected from the elements. The weather is very inconsistent in the late winter/early spring. We ride in snowstorms and end up in the pouring rain. Last week was such a case. We had great snow which the next day turned into a downpour. This pack kept my extra gear dry so I had something warm and dry to change into.

My buddy Steve using the RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter COVERT Series bag

My buddy Steve testing out the RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter COVERT Series bag on our snowmobiling adventure.

COVERT Series bag Pros:

The COVERT Series bag is very waterproof and has great functionality as far as ease of use, gear straps (especially the internal carabiner loop) and size. The padded shoulder straps were nice while riding on the snowmobile as we tend to ride over many different terrain aspects and a pack can bounce up and down on the shoulders, wearing them down quite rapidly but this pack stayed put and had great cushion.

COVERT Series bag Cons:

With the pack’s durability, it tends to be slightly heavy for the use I tested it out with.

On the positive side, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice pack’s functionality to lighten it up. I want completely dry gear more than a lighter pack. I could see this being of better use on my raft this summer as a floating dry pack. It’s perfect for any type of river sport.

COVERT Series bag Summary:

I’d definitely recommend checking these packs out. They are extremely durable, well-built and serves a great purpose. Dry bags as essential gear in the Rocky Mountains (or anywhere for that matter) and the Covert pack’s functionality, being a backpack style dry bag makes for convenient travel and carry. It does the job it’s intended to do and looks good to boot.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received RG-25 2nd Generation 40 liter COVERT Series bag for free from Rockagator as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.