There were two brothers from Billings whom attended college in Montana.  One went to Bozeman and the other to Missoula.  Durring the holidays the brother from Missoula picked up his brother in Bozeman in his truck and they started the journey home to Billings.  They were talking about school, girls, and other things when the brother from UM notice 2 guys in MSU sweaters out in the middle of a snowy stubble field rowing away in a row boat.  He laughed and started teasing his brother that those were the type of MSU students that made all of them look stupid and that something like that wouldn’t stand in Missoula without an ass kicking.  The ribbing went on for a few more miles until the brother from MSU couldn’t take it any more and yelled at his Brother, “Turn this truck around and go back there.  I am going to swim out to that boat and kick their asses!”