Looks like things have gotten so bad at Mississippi Valley State that Jerry Rice blocked their number after they kept texting him to come back to the team and be a walk-on named “Gerry Nice.”

Bris Cryant, he is not.

Going to be a long day for those Delta Devils, but a day away from Mississipppi is probably a better day than most.

People talk about having to eat crow, but I tell you what, eating fresh Thunderbird sure is tasty. After Saturday they should put that thing on the endangered species list. Everyone got them a piece of that bird!

Speaking of eating crow, it looks like Bruce Barnum was talking again this week about wanting a big crowd in Utah. He better be bringing cases of that 3.2 beer and special underwear if he’s really wanting to draw the big crowds in Odgen this week.

Good to see Cal Poly SLO proving that the “Griz hangover” is alive and well.

With their big win over Poly North Dakota doesn’t have a bye week, but basically a bye for five weeks.  Should they just be crowed Big Sky champions now and save everyone time?

After beating pre-season darling NAU it looks like Northern Colorado is 3-1.  They’ve beat a lower division school, an 0-5 team, and now a 1-4 team.  Up next Eastern Washington, so welcome back to mediocrity UNC!

UC Davis is apparently still playing football, news to me.

Well, I guess they’re passing that off as football.

Mike Kramer said this week that the Bengals “gouged ourselves, hemorrhaged to death.” Mike, buddy, as a fellow bear I can say that it wasn’t just week your boys have done that. It’s pretty much every week since your giant head took the locker room doors off the hinges.

Ernest Collins noted Eastern Washington’s defensive improvement up front. Ernest must think he’s playing the Huskies this week.

I guess that goes to show that the Colorado hippy lettuce is some potent shit.

Do you think the city of Cheney has actively blocked phone calls from Oregon’s area codes?

Bozeman ain’t got nothin’ to worry about, their Oregon Duck is riding the pine for the worst team in the Pac12.

Did you see the breakout comedy show of the fall?  You can usually find it on SWX in Montana, it’s called “The 2nd Half Cats”.  Comedy gold.  Late Saturday night I tuned in and couldn’t stop laughing.

So they haven’t #BeatTheSky yet and #OwningTheState ain’t looking too bright either.

Sacramento State might not win another game this year.  And the bummer of it all is they can’t even brag that, “yeah but at least we beat the Cats,” because no one will take that shit seriously.

I heard Ty Gregorak called Bob Stitt this week to see if he was hiring, he’d take any job.  Chain gang, ball boy, steam operator for the Griz tunnel.  He’s also really good at screaming so he could do the “First down!” part really well too.

Ty Gregorak said he told his team “that we hadn’t done anything yet.”  Looks to me like Ty’s still waiting.

Choate said this week about NAU, “I think that’s one thing that stands out: this team has excellent team speed, certainly better than we do.” Here’s my reaction..


Chernobyl saw that fourth quarter against Sacramento State and was like, “Now that’s a meltdown!”

And really, if you’ve been to any kind of social event in Bozeman, much like Chernobyl, you see a lot of googly and deformed looking creatures there.

I saw that someone on eGriz thinks my comments are dumb.  He then rattled off how cut and trim certain former players were, listed their specific weights, and then effectively sunk the favorability for Greg Gianforte by five points.  All in five days.  Impressive.


I’m often asked whether or not I’ve played the game. I can tell you what, I’ve had more of your wives grab my ass than I can even count. You’re welcome, desperate housewives of Missoula.