Good to see Ty Gregorak has found his niche over in Bozeman. That defense wasn’t going to get any worse had he not showed up.

I see Bobcat fans thumping their chests about their defensive stats, I’m sure it’ll only improve when they step up in competition this week and play the Hellgate Knights varsity team.

Swiss cheese even thinks the Bobcat defense has too many holes.

Bobcat fans are claiming their winning ways are back!  Good for them, I remember telling Mo that the Bitterroot Valley was the grand canyon once and that moron believed me too.

Not sure why Idaho has those goal posts hanging from the ceiling like they do, it’s not like the students are going to be tearing those goal posts down any time soon.

The dome in Moscow has a certain hallow ring to it, much like the empty domes in Flagstaff and Pocatello.

Northern Colorado has done a hell of a job with scheduling this year. Instead of taking their usual licking by a division II school they went ahead and found an NAIA school to see if they could get the job done.

Still ain’t convinced Rocky Mountain’s Bears weren’t the best Bears on the field that day.

Eastern Washington put such a beating on Wazzu that Mike Leach is now hiding in the equipment shed on the practice field.

I see Eastern Washington had their backup QB come in and throw for 3 TDs to win the game.  I wasn’t too surprised that he got 3 touchdowns, being able to count to 3 qualifies for admission to Eastern Washington.

A guy’s gotta wonder if Mark Helfrich had a scout in Cheney this past weekend scouting the extra point holder. Gonna need to replace Dakota Prukop soon!

Big Sky conference pre-season #1 NAU finally won a game against D2 New Mexico Highlands.  Dusting up for when they meet a powerful winless division 2 team in the playoffs I assume… you know whichever team the Pioneer League has auto-qualify.

Jerome Souers getting a head start on his October swoon a little early this year, isn’t he?

69-6 is a pretty good way for the FBS teams in Utah to let the FCS teams in Utah know that their tithing isn’t quite up to par for football supremacy.

Sacramento State played Weber State, in a real football game, I’m not lying.  It only took 520 yards for Weber to score a whoppin’ 14 points.  Let me know how that works out against EWU and UM… oh wait they don’t play each other this year.  #ThanksBigSky

This new nickname isn’t quite working out for North Dakota. I think the “Anal Fissures” nickname that was suggested is a more accurate description of their season thus far.

Many Bison fans wrote in suggesting they name their team “Bison” or “Buffaloes.” Too bad there’s only room in North Dakota for one smug fan base you want to punch in the face.

North Dakota had to go to overtime to beat a garbage South Dakota team and get their first win of the season.  They’re really living up to that dark horse moniker, if the dark horse is just a head, and it’s cut off, and under the bed sheets of a casino owner in Las Vegas.

Speaking of North Dakota State. Heard they had to declare a state of emergency in North Dakota and Iowa this weekend after a number of Golden Corrals saw people drinking excessively out of gravy bowls for one reason or another.

Poor Iowa, the state went 0-3 in football this past weekend. Iowa hasn’t seen a loss so catastrophic since Howard Dean last tried to make a run for the White House.

More like Northern ByIowa, amirite?

Sacramento State currently employs the only Sears that isn’t bankrupt, another year in the cellar and we’ll have got ‘em all.

My Griz moved up in the polls for doing nothing.  They should go into politics.

Jason Semore seems like the opposite of Ty Gregorak to me.  He knows how to coach a defense.