Bitter Ol’ Monte’s Grizzlies lost to Cal Poly this past week. He’s going to be an extra ornery bear this week. This week his Grizzlies will take on Southern Utah, finally back in Missoula.


Someone should have checked Dano Graves for a concussion, or at the very least, let him know that running straight into Josh Buss and Caleb Kidder wasn’t good for his health.

Haven’t seen a guy stumble around the field so much since the last time I fell off of a motorcycle.

I’m impressed that Jerry Louie-McGee has been able to successfully make the transition from being my sidekick “Mo” to the wide receiver that he is today.

Instead of slipping and falling out of inner tubes, four wheelers, motorcycles, and random cheerleaders’ arms on the football field he’ll be slipping in and out of corner backs tackles.

Bruce Barnum made sure to tell the world that he’s a big fan of Dr Suess. Cedar City made sure to let Bruce know that Whoville was alive and kicking. Maybe next time Bruce sticks to Green Eggs and Ham, might make his team more palatable.

Southern Utah hasn’t ever had a crowd that big at their stadium. You gotta think that their relative location to Vegas and their … uhh.. rental reputation may have put a few of those seats in the stands.

I’d say Bruce Barnum focus on the winning football games this season rather than taking his team on the road and getting soundly beaten.. again.

All this time I thought Ty Gregorak was going to be the problem in Bozeman. Turns out that fielding a football team this season is the actual problem.

Good thing those nerds can send a rocket to space, gonna need to do something to pull the football team out of the hole they dig themselves into every week.

I thought reading about Hillary’s IT guy asking for help on Reddit would be the most embarrassing thing I read until I saw the box score from Bozeman. Fifteen points is all you can muster against North Dakota?

Even Mike Kramer watched the Houston Texans performance last week and said, “God damn.”

If coaching at Sacramento State doesn’t work out for Jody Sears he can do a house swap with John Fox in Chicago. Both coaches know a thing or two about mismanaging gross amounts of talent.

As fate would have it North Dakota State scheduled themselves a bye last week. The Golden Corrals around the state had to take in extra gravy shipments from Canada to recover from the previous week’s disaster.

The sheer joy and happiness of the Bison faithful that the gravy had returned to their state caused another small earthquake in Oklahoma. Last time Oklahoma had a shaker like that the Bison cheer squad had a drop during practice.

Idaho looked so confused Saturday night. They won a football game against UNLV in Las Vegas and literally had no idea how to celebrate. They just stood around looking at each other, puzzled on what to do next. I assume to keep with tradition they went to the locker room and sulked.

Boy, I thought Hillary put a beat down on Trump the other night, then I saw Missouri beat Delaware State by 79 points. Even Trump saw that game and said, “God damn.. that’s bad.”

Missouri scored 30 points in the first quarter of that game, Delaware State has scored 34 points all season. The Brooklyn Nets are even impressed with that kind of ineptitude.

UConn is applying for membership to the Big Sky, I see. Their lack of defense is impressive even by Eastern Washington standards!