I’ve been pretty silent this season, for one reason or another, but the main reason you haven’t seen me write much this year is I didn’t want to be shouted down by Rob Phenecie about being cheap or dirty.

Rob, if I was cheap or dirty I’d just go hunting for a Pocatello State co-ed. Those poor repressed ladies need a real man (or bear in this case) after hunting around Pokey trying to find one.

I really miss Mike Kramer.. that guy was a riot. Way better than this new guy and the offensive coordinator, Mr Frodo. It’s alright, Matt. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Good to see the Jerome Souers victory lap playing out in November instead of October this year. Losing a game to Montana is a pretty fitting way for Jerome to leave Northern Arizona. I guess you could say him and Case Cookus didn’t target that date very well.

Cal Poly must have forgotten that their name was not “Sacramento State” because for some reason the Mustangs have taken it upon themselves to occupy a spot near the bottom of the Big Sky this year.

However, no matter what happens after this weekend we can say that Bruce Barnum blew and he blew and he blew and …

That’s it. His team blows.

North Dakota thought the worst thing that could happen to them would be to lose the Sioux nickname, then they realized that not only are they a bad Big Sky team, but now they have go to play in the Missouri Valley. Be sure to send us a postcard from that frozen wasteland after UNDSU has beat you into the turf deeper than a Keystone Pipeline leak.

Gotta admire the talent that UC-Davis has on their football team. But if they think Dan Hawkins is going to lead them to the promise land I’d say they have been buffaloed!

Dan Hawkins really has made the tour in his career this century. Boise State, Colorado, the broadcast booth, the CFL, now Davis. I guess you can only ride Chris Petersen’s coat tails for so long before you’re coaching at a school that values agriculture more than football.

Bold strategy for Northern Colorado to schedule a football game in Florida knowing that a hurricane could likely disrupt it. Get paid, don’t go to the swamp for an eventual ass kicking from a bad team.

Jeff Choate said this week that they were just little ol’ Montana State just trying to play out the string. Jeff, buddy, that’s pretty much the Bobcat script every year. I guess if you say something enough it comes true.

I do applaud your effort in going for two against Northern Arizona last week. The smartest thing you’ve done since letting that running back take all of the snaps.

A lot of schools have some Friday night traditions before big games, like yell practice, or pep rallies, things that get the fan base or students excited. At Montana State do you guys practice walking up that hill single file through the snow or ..?

It must have slipped my mind, but I totally forgot that Ty Gregorak is hanging out over in Bozeman nowadays. I’m sure Teasers is glad you’re hanging around too.

I see you guys have that nice Irish lad coaching for you guys now. I don’t miss that guy. Much like his years as a Bobcat quarterback, I think it would be appropriate for the Griz to win another one on his home turf.

Speaking of quarterbacks, it must scare the hell out of Bozeman State that Gresch Jensen still has three years in this conference. Meanwhile, that running back may want to learn the concept of the forward pass. Perhaps that Irish lad should start lessons now.

Good thing we’ve got a tight end that plays quarterback, better than any Bobcat quarterback.

Everyone enjoy the litter box this weekend, except Cat fans. To hell with you. I would see you there but some butt hurt athletics administrator has deemed me unfit to attend a game at the Mud Bowl. I’ll be here, not drinking a pitcher of Manhattans.