I tell you one thing’s for sure, after having to go to Cheney last week you can see why they chose to film Breaking Bad in New Mexico.

You know what’s more ugly than that red turf in Cheney?  What the Poly rushing attack is going to do the Eastern defense.

Props to Cooper Kupp though, he’s a nice kid, a record breaker, a Montana beater, and I hope he never wins another football game again in his life.

He’s going to make a terrific Cleveland Brown next year.

Being color blind sure made last weekends game an odd one to watch.

Then again, at some points last week I kinda wish I was just totally blind altogether.

There’s some big tilts in the Big Sky this weekend.  North Dakota is playing Northern Colorado as both still have a shot to win the Big Sky.  I can’t believe I just typed that and used those two schools… wtf…

I guess it can be said that the end of times are definitely near. The Cubs won a World Series too!

The Bobcats lost to the bye week this last weekend didn’t they?  I heard their starting quarterback threw three picks in the game.

Have you noticed these school mascots?  Weber’s is a cute kitten, Northern Arizona’s is thrusting a fist at something… and what’s in the Bobcat’s mouth?

Nevermind, I know what it is……..

Meanwhile apparently those nerds at Cal Poly have apparently no care about the creative appearance of their team logo and mascot.

What stupid crap has Bruce Barnum said about Cal Davis?  Anyone know?  Both teams suck so I hope he’s lumping his team in with whatever he thinks about Davis.

Perhaps there’s a friendly reader out there that can give us some background on the “manure pile” as he casually refers to Davis as.

I pulled up egriz this week.  That was a mistake.  Makes me look like a ray of goddamned sunshine.

Reading that place is a lot of fun while letting out a huge “growler” if you know what I mean.

Idaho State has two wins this year, one is against a Canadian school.  Yeah, seriously, how did they even book that?  What a joke.

The best part about that game though, Idaho State voluntarily adopted Canadian rules for that game and just randomly started punting the ball on third down. I guess the Kramer didn’t figure fourth down was really worth the effort.

If you’ve watched his team can’t say you’d disagree.

Mike Kramer and Bruce Barnum both say a lot of wacky stuff, they’re a lot alike.  Except Barny Ball knows how to get to the playoffs every now and then.

Except this year.

We should just decorate Washington Grizzly in pink and cover the field in sprinkles considering how many cupcakes we have coming to town this season.

Hope you guys write in Bitter ‘ol Monte on your ballots on Tuesday, cause I could spread my bitterness to the whole damn country if you’d like.