Been a long couple of weeks for this crabby ol’ bear so I suggest you hang onto your britches because there might be a little turbulence.

I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to the Brawl of the Wild. I always look forward to seeing my friend Champ. The guy is full of boundless energy, then really sudden crashes. Then again, that “snow” he always has on his face might have something to do with it.

Speaking of crashes, good to see our friend Ty Gregorak back in town.

Montana’s speed limit thinks that 80 is low against Ty’s defense.

This new coach the Cats have, Jeff… Choke? Is that what I read? Boy, watching a few of these games it appears that Jeff Choke’d on his playbook. The “don’t win football games” playbook should probably be revisited in the offseason.

Then again, that seems like a pretty reasonable situation for us, so I guess Jeff should probably hang onto that one. It’s not like it can get any worse, can it Cats?

I hope the masses that travel over from Bozeman for the game take in the sights of Missoula and leave the stadium knowing that they got to sit through a football game and not smell the local feedlot. Also, welcome to paved parking lots! That’s what we do in civilized country!

Speaking of feedlots. Did you hear about the Bobcat football player in the pie eating contest at the fair last summer? Poor guy was winning until a cow stepped on his head!


Okay okay I got one. What’s the difference between a Bobcat cheerleader and a catfish? One has whiskers and smells, the other just a fish.

*drum roll*

No? Okay. Well, I all I know is that student section over in Bozeman seems to be pretty hell bent on eating fecal matter. I hear they yell that at every home game, no matter who they’re playing. Like they have some sort of … envy.

Onto other things than the losers from Blowsmen.

UC-Davis! Welcome to being the worst team in the league! Or as you guys refer to it, football season.

Portland State isn’t far behind you. Those rides on the Barnum short bus are finally catching up with the Vikings.

Mike Kramer.. you keep being you, bud. Never change. Especially when you’re delivering me pizza next fall.

Not gonna talk shit on Eastern Washington this week. I’ll wait to kick Swoop’s ass in the playoffs.

North Dakota scheduled another patsy this week.. “Bye.”  Probably the toughest team to date on their slate.

Northern Colorado finally got a win over the Griz. They caught their unicorn. I guess now that they have that single win this must mean that Earnest Collins has definitely sold his soul to the devil himself.. Doug Fullerton.

Jerome Souers.. buddy… at some point this late season meltdown thing is going to really bite you in the ass… oh wait.

Even the Cleveland Indians winced when Northern Arizona blew that lead last week.

The rumor mill suggests North Dakota might be wanting to leave the conference to join the other Dakota schools. What can we do to facilitate the Dakxit?

I’ve been asked if I’m the famous Griz Granny. I cannot confirm nor deny that, but I can tell you that bitch is stingy with her Manhattans!

I need to go drop a Growler, something is getting pretty foul around here.

FTC forever.