History of eGriz.com

Start Date: 2/3/12

This version was released on the 11 year anniversary of eGriz.com after a year-long development cycle to move the entire site over to a content management system [Wordpress] from the hand coded site used the previous 10 years. It was a huge undertaking but something I had looked forward to for a long time. This was a huge increase in functionality and content. The introduction of the eGriz blog, the new photo gallery system and the completely new streamlined appearance are all part of this new release. This is by far the most technological advancement eGriz has seen since it’s start in 2001. I continue to be passionate about the development, innovation and service eGriz brings to Griz Nation and I look forward to many years to come!

Start Date: 2/3/11

This version was released on the 10 year anniversary of eGriz.com and introduced a new text logo, streamlined graphical appearance as well as new features to improve the user experience and usability. CSS code was introduced to replace certain graphical features to decrease load times as well as a smoother sleeker appearance. Content was re-arranged and reformatted to put the most important content where the users wanted it.

Start Date: 8/21/08

It took two years of development to get this version completed. It was completely rewritten from the code up to improve performance drastically. All the images were given a smoother finish and appeal to them. We also launched the new version of the GrizBoard which gave tons of new features to the site and will help eGriz.com grow to new levels never seen before. The latest addition to this version of eGriz.com is the facebook connection. We have a facebook page where we post almost daily updates and let users interact in new ways. The navigation was streamlines to include drop down menus, the ads were changed to help drive better sales to support the site and best of all, the entire experience is better for the user with full integration between all the different parts of the site!

Start Date: 9/16/06

This version revolutionized the appearance of egriz.com and was a great base into the future of the site. It has the same basic information as the last version but enhances the look and feel of the site to match the grizboard and give it a more professional feel. The navigation was moved to the top of the page to allow for more content to be displayed. This version also switched from html to php to allow for more powerful functionality and speed. The code was cleaned up immensely, getting rid of more than 50% of the existing code to perform the same functions. This style also allows for easier updating and has the ability to have more functionality when needed. I also implemented a new advertising system which delivers advertisements to multiple locations. There are dedicated ads, shared ads (same spot, different ad on each page load) and also google ads. These ads help support eGriz.com. There is a new eGriz Search incorporated into the new style that also helps support eGriz.com. This snapshot was taken 1/1/07.

Start Date: 7/15/05

This version added functionality from the ever popular grizboard. It ads a calendar of events and changed the graphics of the site. It also includes a random Picture from the new GrizPics section. This style is by far my favorite and works great. It should handle the increasing traffic of the upcoming 2005 football season. I hope you enjoy eGriz.com!

Start Date: 3/19/04

With the demand of the web site going through the roof, eGriz.com had to once again change. It uses some structure layouts as the previous version but changes the navigation back to the side. Advertisements on the right and all content in the middle. The information within the homepage increased to give you what you wanted to know. The graphics created a nice look for the web site. Note: this layout is from summer of 2005 but was the same basic concept that was launched in 2004.

Start Date: 9/27/03

This uses the same basic concept as the previous one with a change in the layout to once again make things easier to use. Added more navigation options and information on the front page to create more a centralized information source.

Start Date: 4/10/03

This style completely revamped eGriz.com as we knew it. With help from JahGriz with the artwork and GGG with the layout, this style came together great and was a huge factor in the success of the web site.

Start Date: 4/9/03

This was a complete new look for the web site, trying to implement a better style and increase the appearance factor. It also changed the navigation structure hoping to make things easier on the user. This one didn’t last long.

Start Date: 3/25/03

Not a lot was done in this change except adding more information onto the front page and increasing the usability of the navigation structure.

Start Date: 8/2/02

After a year and a half eGriz.com had some advertising, which allowed more technological advances in eGriz.com. I did a full transformation into the school colors and changed the format to a new layout to increase space for the new advertising.

Start Date: 10/2/01

After eight months of the other style it was time to upgrade a little. This style is the same basic concept as the previous one but now incorporates the school colors for the most part. The text still needs work, but that all comes with time!

Start Date: 2/3/01

This was the very first look of eGriz.com. As you can see it doesn’t incorporate the colors of the school at all. It was the basic start to what has become the best fan site for the University of Montana!