Up With Montana Fight Song

Up With Montana is the fight song of the University of Montana. Its lyrics are credited to Dick Howell, a law student and member of the glee club in the 1910s, who wrote them in 1914 “to commemorate the rivalry” for the 21st meeting between the University of Montana and its rival Montana State University.

The Words to “Up With Montana”

Up with Montana, boys,
down with the foe,

Good ol’ Grizzlies
out for a victory;

We’ll shoot our backs
’round the foemen’s line;

Hot time is coming now,
oh, brother mine.

Up with Montana, boys,
down with the foe,

Good old Grizzlies
triumph today;

And the squeal of the pig
will float on the air;

From the tummy of
the Grizzly Bear.

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